There are many home improvement contractors in New York, but only one–Cavalier Contracting–can truly be called the very best complete home improvement contractor, NY. And not only are they considered the best complete home improvement contractor, NY, they are also considered excellent builders of home additions & extensions NY as well. If you haven’t yet heard of this highly regarded company, consider the following reasons why Cavalier Contracting are the best home improvement contractors and the best builders of home additions & extensions NY.

Years of Experience

The company was first established in 1985 and its experience, skills, and services have only expanded exponentially over the past few decades. The firm footing that the company has in the area has ensured that they know what their clientele wants and needs—and know how to provide it for them with professional, experienced and knowledgeable skills.

Range of Services

It’s not enough to simply offer home repair, and that’s why the very best home contractor in NY offers a wide range of home-related services, including repairs from both natural and man-made incidents, remodeling of almost any kind, and even completely custom-designed homes built from scratch.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Customer service can be undervalued by some companies, but definitely not this one: their dedication to customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why clients not only recommend the company to their friends and family, but actually return again and again when they need new repairs, remodels, or even brand new homes.