One of the most experienced and highly regarded home construction companies on Long Island, Cavalier Homes Inc. is a full-service construction company for new home construction and any home renovation or remodeling project. Two home construction projects that often are neglected but are important in maintaining or adding to a home’s livability and value are the driveway and basement.

One of the first things people notice when they approach a house is the driveway. From cracks to holes or general wear and tear, even the most durable and sturdy driveway needs regular maintenance and repair. Cavalier Homes Inc. is an expert in new driveway installation, driveway extensions or driveway repair and maintenance. To create a new decorative driveway or repair an existing one to last for years to come, no job is too big or too small for this experience and licensed contractor.

Remodeling or refinishing a basement is an excellent way to add valuable square footage to the living space of any home as well as to increase the home’s market value. Any basement can be converted into a beautiful and well-appointed room or rooms that complement the design and décor of the rest of the house. Whether to convert a basement into a bedroom and bathroom, to create the perfect man cave, or to add a game room or play room, Cavalier Homes Inc. is intimately familiar with the basement building regulations in West Islip, NY, and can expertly convert any basement into a highly functional and beautiful room.