Due to COVID, outdoor space has significantly increased in value, regardless of where you reside. Terraces, balconies, and backyards were considered insignificant compared to their residences in the past.

But times have changed. Maximizing an outdoor space’s usability and aesthetics are excellent ways to enhance its beauty as well as the value of the house. An outdoor space is expected to become more desirable and crucial than ever. Recently, the design of terrace gardens has become popular in residential areas. A lovely garden on your rooftop patio is a fantasy that we all have. Then why not design a terrace garden that keeps your house cool? So now is the perfect moment to bring your vision for a terrace garden to life and make it stunning.

Contemporary roof garden ideas are a terrific way to create the feeling of a garden on rooftops since they have positive Feng Shui effects on our health and environment. Depending on your mood, roof terrace garden ideas might be intricate or really simple. These are priceless places in the city where one can escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

  • Use raised flower beds to create an ambiance

A raised bed that is molded along the walls is an excellent alternative. A variety of plants can be cultivated in these 3-foot-deep beds. Great benefits can be seen if properly cared for and cultivated. It’s important to regularly trim away dead and overgrown sections since nobody likes to see dead plants, and doing so encourages plant growth. The raised beds require an additional surface elevated above the roof to prevent root overgrowth that could harm the roof.

  • Vegetables of interest

A wide range of plant species can be grown. A terrace garden can host herbs, shrubs, creepers, and climbers, whether they are small, huge, flowering, or non-flowering. Small trees and thick shrubs are best suited to thrive here. A constant supply of fresh, homegrown fruits and veggies is the best thing possible. Produce that is organic is more nutrient-dense and better for your health than produce that is purchased from stores. It feels great to know where your product actually comes from. This allows you to enjoy wholesome food grown at home.

  • Install furniture that complements the space well

Selecting outdoor furniture requires careful consideration of the area’s overall design as well as its intended function. Use the furniture to give the space a striking appearance. You can arrange sofa sets, chairs, tea tables, or even dining tables to make the space the ideal place to chill. Consider including additional seating, such as built-in benches with vibrant cushions, for all those socially awkward hangouts.

  • The use of color and ornamentation improves the aesthetic

To maintain a color scheme and be sure to adhere to it, one must choose specific colors. Knowing what ornaments will best match the plants will be easier to determine by creating a color scheme. Neutral hues work best to accentuate plant greenery. Terrace gardens are a sensible use of white, grey, and beige.

  • Glow your terrace garden to add style

Lighting can be done in the area to decorate it and create the ideal atmosphere. To beautify and lighten up the place, fairy lights, twinkle lights, LEDs, or even solar-powered lights can be a huge help. In order to use the garden at night and in the evenings, it must be well lit. The lights must be beautiful and properly illuminate the area.

  • Maintain privacy in your rooftop garden

One easy terrace garden idea for homes is to hedge the borders of your rooftop garden by planting bamboos along the railings or fences to assure privacy in the space.

  • Use vertical space innovatively¬†

Vertical space can be used to add space and make it appear larger. Walls can be decorated with beautiful small-sized planters, railing planters, or climbers. Carpet plants can be planted along the walls of a terrace garden to make it look more fashionable.

  • Pay special attention to the flooring and ceiling

In the rooftop garden, the flooring should look stunning. The flooring should complement the overall look of the room. Wooden floorboards work well, and for small terrace garden ideas, astroturfing can be used. The climate should be kept in mind when deciding on the flooring for the terrace garden. A spacious feeling is created by using an open rooftop garden. Using pop-up canopies and garden umbrellas will help you feel more refreshed. 

  • Statues and other spotlights

Adding gnomes, statues, casts of birds and animals, fountains, and birdbaths are creative ways to fill up space. An unusual object in space would aid in this endeavor. Incorporating such elements can draw attention to a specific object in the space. This is one terrace garden idea that is simple enough to implement without spending too much money.

Increasing the density of the greenery would give the space a more garden-like appearance. Your space should be a true reflection of you. If you still need help designing your terrace or balcony garden, contact home remodeling West Islip in New York. Your garden is an important component of your interior design, and Cavalier Homes and General Contractors Long Island can assist you in creating the ideal garden for any space.