The term “mother-daughter set-up” is often used in the real estate business to describe a certain type of single-family home with separate living areas for aging parents and grandparents, each with its own kitchen. Sharing a home in this way allows a parent and child to have the independence and space they each crave while still living under the same roof.

Mother-daughter homes can be built in a few different ways: as two separate buildings connected by a common basement or as two distinct sections of the same structure.

Mother-daughter houses are ideal for multi-generational living because they allow mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and grandchildren to live under one roof while still having separate spaces.

How to get the most out of a Mother-daughter house

When people of different ages live together, it can be a great chance to get to know each other and make memories that will last. But if you want to avoid fights, it’s important to set clear boundaries.

Before you move in, you should talk about money and decide who will pay for certain things. Establishing boundaries regarding personal space and privacy is also crucial. After you’ve established these boundaries, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of living under one roof.

A mother-daughter home can be a wonderful place to live for many reasons, including sharing meals and conversation and having someone to rely on when times get tough.

Benefits of a Mother-daughter house setup

There are many ways in which a mother-daughter house can enrich your life and those of your loved ones. These are just some of the many justifications people give for deciding to construct a mother-daughter house.

  • A mother-daughter house can help you save money on senior housing. The cost of living in a senior community or senior apartment can be high. A mother-daughter home, on the other hand, may be more expensive initially, but it’s a worthwhile investment.
  • After construction is complete, you won’t have to worry about rent or fees like you would at a retirement community.
  • Having your elderly parents nearby also has its advantages. In a mother-daughter home, they’re literally next door to one another. That way, you won’t have to go far to provide assistance with chores or basic care needs.
  • Mother-daughter homes are wonderful investments for many reasons. If you plan on selling your home in the future, having a secondary dwelling can be a huge selling point.
  • Rental income can also be quite lucrative from micro homes. Renting out the apartment is a great way to bring in extra cash on a monthly basis, should the opportunity arise.
  • The apartment can also serve as a guest room, a place for a live-in nanny, or a place to keep older kids.

Challenges of Mother-daughter living

Adding a mother-daughter apartment is a major change, so it’s helpful to consider it from both perspectives. The disadvantages of a mother-daughter home are listed below.

  • First, utility prices are likely to rise. Utilities will be provided for both your primary residence and any additional homes you own. Adding a mother-daughter unit will increase your utility, water, and heating and cooling costs.
  • It’s possible that you’ll need supplemental coverage if you don’t plan to have any family members live in the home with you. For example, you might rent out the place to students.
  • Last but not least, you should be prepared to contend with zoning regulations. Every community has rules about what kinds of buildings are permitted and prohibited on private property.

Reviewing the local rules is important if you want to build a mother-daughter house legally. However, if you work with experts in the field of accessory living units, all of the nitty-gritty details will be taken care of for you.

Does building a Mother-daughter setup need a special permit?

In recent years, it has become common for municipalities to approve single-family homes that are spacious enough for adult children and their aging parents to live together comfortably.

Local zoning boards often give mother-daughter homes special rules because the needs of multi-generational households are very different from those of single-family homes.

Depending on the city or town where these homes are located, they may need a number of different permits. Construction permits, fire inspections, and driveway permits could all be necessary.

But it’s clear that getting the necessary local permits is a standard step in building a mother-daughter house that follows all the rules.

Planning ahead to maintain a budget

The cost of constructing a house, no matter how modest, can rise rapidly. If money is a major concern, plan ahead and establish a budget. Cavalier Homes Inc. can help you with everything, starting with planning, designing, budgeting, and construction.

But if the plan wasn’t complete, even the best efforts to keep costs down could lead to surpluses that weren’t planned for. Without proper planning, construction projects frequently run into unforeseen difficulties that drive up costs. But working with a mother-daughter house contractor can help you with the budget and deadline.

Things to consider before finalizing a good contractor: 

No matter how handy you are with a wrench or a screwdriver, you should probably let the experts handle the construction. These apartments may be smaller, but they have everything a family needs.

Because of this, there are requirements for the home’s wiring, plumbing, and overall stability that must be met.

There are a lot of service providers who could assist you. However, the best choice is a company that focuses on constructing backyard homes and other types of accessory dwelling units. If you are planning any type of home construction or remodeling in the West Islip, Long Island area, Cavalier Homes Inc. can be your best choice.

Professionals in the field of mother-daughter home construction are familiar with the rules and regulations necessary to build one in your backyard. Since this is their area of expertise, they will be able to complete the work to your specifications.

Check references and see if potential contractors have experience building mother-daughter units. Take a look at their portfolio and describe the project you’re working on. You’ll both have to agree on whether or not this is a good fit before proceeding.

If you’d like our help during this time of change, we can construct the home of your dreams in your backyard. If you want to talk about your upcoming project with our experts, contact us right now. And be sure to view examples of our previous work for satisfied customers in our portfolio.

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